Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mobius again

   I enjoy inventing, devising and designing.  By your comments I see that many of you have made versions of Tilta Swift, and some have even made a Power Outage Yarn Swift.  At one point I designed quilt patterns, including a tessellating Y-Knot based on a Chinese lattice pattern.  I devised a quilt pattern drafting tool, GridSource, and sold about 1000 of them worldwide before the advent of the personal computer ate GridSource's lunch.  I learned how to create websites when websites were new, and spent a few years creating mathematical quilts to add to my personal site,

   If you toured and happened to follow the QED (Quilts Every Day) link on the first day of any month, you would see my Mobius Quilt.  In the mid-1980s I made a few Mobius scarves, based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's directions in Vogue Knitting.  In fact, I've long had a fascination with Mobius strips, a.k.a. Mobius loops.

   Perhaps all this background really does make my next step inevitable, although I must say I was surprised when it happened:  I invented the Mobius bow tie.  And by invented, I mean that I have applied for a patent.  The fact that I have applied for a patent means that while my application undergoes examination, I am allowed to use the term "patent pending" on my labels.

   On National Bow Tie Day on  August 28, I began to tweet photos of Mobius bow ties.  I hope to launch a dedicated web site in the next few weeks.

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