Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tilta Swift

I can't imagine a swift that is cheaper or faster to make, than the Tilta Swift. You can stuff the components in your knitting bag, and set up your swift in about 2 minutes. You won't even need any glue for this design.

The Tilta Swift works for skein sizes up to about 80”.

I bought my gripper pad, clothespins, and heavy-duty plastic hangers at the dollar store, and the 4-inch-square box from The UPS Store. Ace Hardware has the Rubbermaid Lazy Susan for $7, or you can get a beautiful bamboo Lazy Susan for $10 at Target. If you have to buy everything, it's about $13 plus tax. (I already had the Lazy Susan, hangers, elastic, clothespins, and gripper pad, so I actually spent less than $1.50, just for the mailing box.)

4 heavy duty plastic hangers, $2
1 gripper pad, $1 for four (you only need 1)
1 Lazy Susan, $7
4"x4"x4" mailing box from USPS or UPS store, about $1.25; this is the specialized equipment.
1/2 yard 1/4" elastic, cut into two 9" pieces, less than $1
12 spring-loaded clothespins, less than $1

tilta swift P5180029tilta swift P5180055

Step 1: Use the elastic to tie the hangers tightly together in 2 spots.

tilta swift P5180036
tilta swift P5180037tilta swift P5180038

Step 2: Fold the box. Do the “flap-1 over flap-2”, “flap-2 over flap-3”, “flap-3 over flap-4”, “flap-4 over flap-1” thing for the bottom of the box. Fold the top 4 flaps into the box. Notice how sturdy this turns out, and at the same time notice how nicely this will fold back down when you need to put it back into your knitting bag.

tilta swift P5180032tilta swift P5180034

Step 3: Fan out the hangers, and stuff the tied hanger necks into the box.

tilta swift P5180039tilta swift P5180040
tilta swift P5180041tilta swift P5180042

Step 4: Put 2 clothespins at each box corner. This stabilizes the clothes hangers.

Step 5: Hang 4 clothespins at the end of the 4 hangers. This keeps the yarn from slipping off the clothes hangers.

Step 6: Stack the hanger assembly on the gripper pad on the Lazy Susan. (The gripper pad and gravity keep the hanger assembly in place.)

tilta swift P5180057tilta swift P5180058

The first picture shows a 60” skein
tilta swift P5180052

The second picture shows a 46” skein.
tilta swift P5180051

Overachievers Step 7 (Optional): I dunno, maybe hang micro sock monkeys from it. I leave this entirely up to inspiration. (Am I the only one whom this reminds of a carnival ride?)
tilta swift P5180053

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